Welcome the Eco-Reps!

November 7th, 2012 | admin

This year the OSU Sustainability Office, Campus Recycling, UHDS, RHA, Student Leadership and SSI came together to create the Eco-Representative Pilot Program for school year 2012/2013 in select resident halls.  This program was developed with the goal of hiring resident representatives in select resident halls to represent OSU Campus Sustainability.

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Eco-Reps are responsible for advancing and institutionalizing a culture of sustainability in the residence halls in which they live. This includes:

  • educating residents about sustainable lifestyles and resources
  • assisting with marketing and outreach efforts for sustainability programs
  • planning and executing sustainability-focused events for events that are already established at OSU (like Drive-Less-Connect, Energy Civil, Earth Week, Building Energy Challenge, Campus Move-Out, etc.) as well as self-created events (keep an eye out for these).

Eco-Reps are a part of the OSU Sustainability Office, but work with multiple departments and organizations on campus to meet sustainability goals.

This fall, three Eco-Reps were chosen to be a part of this pilot program.  Jesse Pettibone was chosen from West Hall, Amber Newell was chosen from Wilson Hall and Jan”Uli” Bartels was chosen from Cauthorn Hall.  If you are a resident in one of these halls, please take some time to drop in on your Eco-Rep to learn more about how you can get involved in campus sustainability.  You can also volunteer with your Eco-Rep to support programs and project.  If you are interested in being an Eco-Rep, make sure to apply next fall!

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