Internship Opportunity with Energy Corvallis – Applications Due Friday, November 16

November 12th, 2012 | admin

Energize Corvallis is accepting applications for 2013 Public Outreach Interns. This is a great opportunity for OSU students who have a passion for energy conservation and sustainability and a desire to help Corvallis become one of the most energy efficiency communities in the nation. Energize Corvallis Public Outreach Interns are dedicated to raising awareness about energy efficiency and conservation. Interns will reach out to Corvallis residents and students by planning events, tabling at community events, distributing informational material, and collaborating with other community organizations. To learn more about the internship, visit us online:

What We Offer

  • A great resume-building and skill-building internship with a fun, supportive organization.
  • Up to nine internship credits at OSU with the approval of your academic advisor. Internships can be customized to meet the requirements of many OSU departments.
  • Flexible volunteer hours based around your school and/or work schedule.
  • All program training and materials including Communities Take Charge shirts and water bottles.

What previous interns say about Energize Corvallis Internships

2012 team photo

“I would recommend this program because its fun and you feel like you are actually contributing to a goal rather than getting someone coffee and begging for a chance to get involved.”

“I would recommend the internship for sure because it feels good to be working towards a good cause that will benefit our community, and the work environment is really welcoming and comfortable.  I really like working on a team where you are always allowed and even encouraged to ask others for help if you need it, and I like being on a team where we are all passionate about energy conservation so we are all motivated by that passion to work hard.”

“The internship is about connecting with those who have common goals, and connecting with those who may be more challenging, but that is what makes this whole internship a learning experience and worth your time.”

“I have been able to balance my other job and schoolwork with this work and have met new people and gained experience in the field of my future career.”

“I would recommend the program because you get to work for a nonprofit doing important work in the community while learning how the organization works. You also gain leadership skills, as well as work on planning techniques.”

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