Drive Less. Connect: Win gift cards during the month of October.

October 4th, 2012 | Nick Snowhill

Drive Less. Connect is a carpooling system that is completely free and available to everyone living and working in Oregon.  Use it to find trips to all over Oregon and Washington.  Set up a group for the daily commute or meet new people on the way to a one time event like a concert or a basketball game.

Currently, there is an incentive running for a short time.  For the first four weeks of October, log two or more days of a non-drive-alone ride and become eligible for a prize drawing for a $10 gift card to American Dream Pizza.

American Dream Pizza Incentive Ad

There will be more incentives throughout the year and that means more chances to win prizes!  So sign up at, start logging trips, win big and help save the planet.

3 Responses to “Drive Less. Connect: Win gift cards during the month of October.”

  1. Brandon says:

    Hi Alex, yes four winners were picked. We will make an announcement next week and put up a blog post on Ecologue about it. We are hoping to be able to use their names but are checking with them first, which is part of the delay. Thanks for asking!

  2. Alex says:

    So did anyone actually win? I didn’t see any announcements on

  3. Too bad I dont live near Oregon, or I’d be getting on this contest. Sounds cool!