Solar Trailer Battery Upgrade

July 19th, 2012 | admin

The 3.2 volt 180 amp-hour (Ah) Lithium Ion battery has an outstanding life cycle of 2000 (number of times the battery can withstand being completely charged and then discharged).  There are 16 high capacity battery packs,  each containing 3 individual batteries connected in parallel to reach 540Ah.  Each pack can deliver 540 amps for an hour or 270 amps for half an hour.  The Solar Trailer could completely charge a Nissan Leaf which has a 24kWh battery pack. The batteries are also equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) which will prevent the batteries from overcharging or discharging.


The Solar Trailer initially had 16 12V batteries (sets of 4 connected in parallel) that weighed roughly 2,600 pounds.  The Lithium Ion batteries weigh a measly 12.5 pounds each and there are 48 total which equates to 600 pounds.  The Solar Trailer upgraded to better batteries and shed 2000 pounds in the process.  Not only is the trailer incredibly lighter, there is much more space inside of the trailer as well.


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