Information Services launches new videoconferencing website

May 3rd, 2012 | admin


On Tuesday, following valuable input from many stakeholders, OSU Information Services launched a new Videoconferencing Services website. The goal of this site is to give customers a central hub from which they can discover and request these services — regardless of whether that service is provided by Media Services, Network Services, or a DCA.  When customers do request services, they describe their need via a questionnaire, which further helps IS consult with them on the right solution for their needs.

The questionnaire uses a webforms module to help direct communications from and to customers.  In addition to sending email to the service provider(s), the webform populates submissions into a database. This allows IS to run a simple report on aggregate data or access historical requests.

Network Services uses a number of webforms for service requests, and IS will roll out still more webforms as we build out the new IS website, which is on track to launch on June 30.

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