Strengthening Sustainability Curriculum across the Disciplines regional conference April 20

April 5th, 2012 | Brandon

How can sustainability concepts be effectively integrated across the disciplines and what is the role of scientific literacy specifically in advancing sustainability education?

What various forms does place-based learning take at campuses across the region, as well as nationally and globally, and how can we design curriculum that can help drive solutions to pressing regional issues including food justice, salmon survival, regional contaminants, coal exports, and regional contributions to and impacts of climate change?

How can we better integrate attention to globalization in sustainability education and research and draw insights from the structural adjustment of the global south to anticipate and address increasing pressures to privatize water, public lands, and institutions in the Pacific Northwest?

These questions and others will be addressed at the Strengthening Sustainability Curriculum across the Disciplines and across the Pacific Northwest conference set for April 20 in Vancouver, Washington. Sign up for a stimulating day of panels and workshops addressing ways to engage with pressing issues facing our bioregion and to join with others in shaping a sustainable and equitable future.  Individuals and/or campus teams of any size may attend, including faculty, staff, students, teachers, and community members interested in sustainability and justice

Cost is $40 for regular registration; $12 students; $10 or less for those on limited budgets. Registration fee covers lunch, refreshments, and resources for the day. Registration deadline is April 11. Register now!

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