Harvesting Clean Energy Conference Comes to Corvallis

March 22nd, 2012 | Brandon

The Harvesting Clean Energy (HCE) conference is the Northwest’s premiere event bringing together the agriculture and energy industries to advance opportunities for rural communities to produce clean energy, boost struggling rural economies, and help the region and nation meet the energy challenges of the coming decade.

Now in its 12th year, Harvesting Clean Energy consistently draws over 500 participants from a diverse range of fields – from motivated farmers, ranchers and other rural landowners to professionals from agriculture organizations, rural utilities, tribes, economic development agencies, and research institutions, to lenders, energy developers and consultants, and representatives of federal, state and local governments.

harvestingcleanenergyThe conference rotates between Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana each year.  Drawing on dozens of top-notch speakers with direct experience in successful projects, Harvesting Clean Energy focuses on practical steps to design projects that will pencil out, address key barriers, access technical support and secure financing amidst tough finance markets.  The energy opportunities addressed include wind power, biomass energy and biofuels, solar and geothermal resources, microhydro, energy innovation in the food processing sector, and efficiency technologies to reduce energy costs and enhance profitability.

Conference planners have had several meetings with the Sustainability Office and OSU Conference Services to figure out how to accommodate this large and important regional conference.  Conference Services has done a great job to accommodate the capacity and price range for the conference (thanks Tina and Emily!).

Look for more information in the coming months, and save January 27-29, 2013 for the Harvesting Clean Energy conference in Corvallis!

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