OSU’s Building Energy Challenge

February 23rd, 2012 | admin

Thirteen dorms and four buildings around campus are committing to save energy through this year’s Building Energy Challenge. Participants are asked to perform various tasks to reduce their energy consumption—such as turning off lights, unplugging unused electronic devices, and replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). The Challenge will run from February 6th to the 27th, with each week focusing on a different aspect of conservation; phantom loads during Week 1, steam and heat during Week 2, and lighting during Week 3.


After the first week of competition, the rankings are as follows:


1. West Hall

2. Poling Hall

3. Callahan Hall 

4. Wilson Hall

5. Halsell Hall

6. Finley Hall

7. McNary Hall

8. Weatherford Hall

9. Buxton Hall

10. Cauthorn Hall

11. Sackett Hall

12. Hawley Hall

13. Bloss Hall


At the end of the three week competition, an Awards Party will be held on Tuesday, February 28th, at noon in the MU, room 109B. Lunch will provided, winners will be announced, and an interactive activity with prizes will be done, so please come join us!

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