OSU’s New Rideshare Program Is Taking Off!!!

January 11th, 2012 | Sam

With over a hundred users in just a few months, OSU’s new and secure rideshare system, Drive Less Connect, is off to a great start! To help more folks save gas money and reduce carbon emissions into the air, we plan on promoting this fun program heavily throughout Winter and Spring terms. To encourage more OSU community members to join, we will be offering gift certificates to local businesses throughout the term. So if you or someone you know if interested, sign-up to Drive Less Connect TODAY!!!

Interested in carpooling, vanpooling, or even finding a bike buddy? Drive Less Connect is an advanced rideshare system designed for commuting and recreational transportation options. Any affiliate of OSU can join the OSU network!

Features of the system include:DLC Promo Graphic

Advanced matching-just put in your trip details and the system generates possible matches.

Ensured security-The amount of personal information you chose to display is up to you. You can either send a “blind email’ (which only displays your screen name)  through the system to possible matches or you can check out other users’ social media and continue the conversation there.

Trip mapping for local and regional trips-Just click on a location on the map and the system will identify the address your looking for.

Calendaring Function-Log your trips and see your savings! Based on trips logged the system will provide estimates on your gas/carbon/cost savings!

Prize Drawings-We offer these as incentives for logging a certain amount of non-single occupancy trips during a specific time frame.

Find matches among those who make similar trips! OSU is a network within the State of Oregon which is a network within the greater northwest.  If you have questions about your networks, just contact the system administrator at sustainability@oregonstate.edu

OSU, Cascades West Rideshare and Oregon Department of Transportation welcomes everyone to Drive Less Connect.

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