OSU Supports Work-Life Balance of Campus Community

December 2nd, 2011 | Sam

Oregon State University is committed to holistically supporting and sustaining the success of all members of our campus community. Most of us agree that success is not measured by singular factors such as grades or publications, but rather by the sum of one’s life experiences – we all aspire to lead to happy, balanced, and fulfilling lives.

OSU offers on-campus childcare at greatly reduced rates for students and staff through Beaver BeginninIMG_2113greygs. For those needing financial assistance, child care subsidies are available for both students and employees. Students have access to a free drop-off childcare center through Our Little Village  (OLV) in the OSU Library. OLV is open evenings and weekends, providing students with uninterrupted study time. Over the last 4 years 13 new lactation rooms have been added across campus. The University also has a support policy that protects lactation time for employees. Also, OSU students and employees can now access Care.com services for free. Care.com/osu allows users to identify and screen babysitters, eldercare providers, pet-sitters and more. This service provides the ability to create last minute back-up care options, childcare or eldercare, for occasions when regular care is inaccessible.

One of the on-campus childcare centers, Growing Oaks, will be closing. As of March 2012, Corvallis Community Children’s Centers will be moving its operations to an off-campus location and will continue to provide excellent service to the children and families in the Corvallis community.img_1539grey

Additionally, the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is launching a Work-Life Coordinator search. This position is created to research, design, and implement key programs to better support faculty who strive to balance career and life demands. OSU will continue to develop and evolve its services in order to truly illustrate what it means to honor the needs of our community members. To offer your thoughts on enhancing support efforts contact Family Services or the Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs.

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