OSU Launches “Greening IT Initiative”

December 12th, 2011 | Sam

OSU is taking big steps towards greening operations, from designing energy efficient buildings to purchasing eco-certified cleaning products. Now the university is launching a “Greening IT Initiative” to reduce the environmental impact of information technology on-campus. In getting the initiative off the ground, Lucas Friedrichsen at Information Services assembled a diverse task force to tackle three major IT areas: Data Center Efficiency, Computer Lab Management, and Paperless. With respect to these three areas, goals include: reducing energy use in HVAC systems for data centers, keeping computers on sleep mode during inactivity, and understanding the processes that are heavily reliant on paper documentation and those that can effectively go paperless.


In addition, education and outreach is a key part of the initiative. The outreach will provide monthly tips that educate and enable people to make environmentally conscience choices related to technology. As with other materials, the goal is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The first educational item is about Reducing Electronic waste and that begins by increasing your computer’s lifespan or donating your computer to someone in need.  It is also incredibly important and required by State Law that computers, televisions and laptops do not end up in the landfill so make sure your computer is reused or processed properly. For more information on the goals, motivations, strategies, and impacts of the initiative see the Greening IT webpage.

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