How to Choose a CFL

November 7th, 2011 | admin

CFLThere are many different options available when selecting a compact florescent lamp (CFL) and it can be a little confusing.   If you are a fan of the old incandescent appearance, you can still get that look in a CFL.  For the yellowish color in a light bulb, look for something with a color temperature close to 2700k.  For the same light output as a 60 W incandescent, pick one that also has around 800 lumens or 13 W.  If you prefer a whiter color light bulb, then select something at 3000k.  The Home Depot in Corvallis offers a great display demonstrating what the different colors look like.

When deciding on a brand, try to stick with name brands like Philips, Sylvania, TCP, GE, and EcoSmart.  It is also good to look for light bulbs that are Energy Star approved.  These lights have been tested to meet specific performance requirements.  Energy Star approved bulbs may also be available for rebates through your local utility company.

One Response to “How to Choose a CFL”

  1. Steve Somnitz says:

    Thanks for the article. Good info. However, my experience has been that CFLs installed in horizontal or inverted sockets have a reduced life (to about the same as an incandescent), thereby eliminating the savings associated with the supposed longer CFL life. What are our options for such non-vertical fixtures?