LEDs on Campus and for your home

October 10th, 2011 | admin

LEDs in Bates Hall

Recently we have been replacing halogen lamps with LEDs in select locations throughout campus. Possible locations are first evaluated to determine if there is an acceptable payback period (meaning the lamp pays for itself over time).  The lamp cost, electrical consumption, hours used and possible rebate amounts are used in calculating the payback time.   The on-campus locations where we have installed LEDs so far are elevators and some display lighting.  As technology improves and the costs go down, LEDs will be used in more locations. 

While we are starting to use LEDs on campus it does not mean that it makes sense for use in your home, yet.  The high cost just doesn’t make sense for residential locations.  Right now, you can get a good CFL for under $2 that has a payback period around a year.  When CFLs do go out, be sure to dispose of them properly.  Some stores will recycle them or you can take them to the Allied Waste Recycle Depot.

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