Join Us Saturday, August 13: This is going to be huge, and it starts with you.

August 10th, 2011 |

It’s the little things that make big things possible. Communities Take Charge is dedicated to making Corvallis one of the most energy efficient communities in the nation, and we need your help with the little things.

Please join us this Saturday as we go door-to-door and invite Corvallis residents to try three energy-saving actions for one month. We’ll provide a short training and all of the materials you’ll need. Tell your friends and family. Tell your neighbors and colleagues. This is going to be huge, and it starts with you. Click here to register for the Saturday event.

WHEN: Join us from 1-4 pm on Saturday, August 13th.

WHAT TO BRING: Walking shoes and water bottle.

WHERE: Meet at Avery House Nature Center (1200 SW Avery Park Dr, behind the Pacific Railways train)

Lawn sign

If you can’t join us this Saturday…

Please visit us online and pledge to try three energy-saving actions for one month. You pick the actions. You pick the month. Click here to join Communities Take Charge.

Watch for us on campus!

Campuses Take Charge (formerly called the Campus Carbon Challenge) will be returning to OSU this year.

About Us

Communities Take Charge is an Energize Corvallis program and is a collaboration between the City of Corvallis, Corvallis Environmental Center, and the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition. Primary funding provided by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Showcase Communities. Funding for the upcoming Campuses Take Charge is provided by OSU’s Student Sustainability Initiative. Visit us online to find out more.

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