Campus Recycling Offers New Options for Composting in Departments

May 5th, 2011 | Andrea Norris

compost bucketComposting is a process in which organic materials such as food scraps and fibers are broken down into a natural soil amendment. This not only provides a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers, but also keeps valuable material out of our landfills. The EPA estimates that 26% of the material in U.S. landfills is yard trimmings and food scraps, where it breaks down anaerobically and releases methane gas. No wonder we at Campus Recycling get regular requests for composting at OSU!

That’s why we are now offering several options for OSU departments to compost their organic waste. Below is a brief overview of the options; view the full details here. Depending on the option you choose, your department can prevent organic material from being landfilled and instead be utilized in home gardens, campus gardens, or at our local Pacific Region Compost Facility!

Worm Bins

Put red wigglers to work to break down your waste! Worm composting is a method for recycling food waste into a rich, dark, earthy-smelling soil conditioner. This option is great for those who would like to manage their own composting and want the finished compost.

Compost Drop Points

Collect your organic waste in your break room and dump it at one of three compost drop points. We provide the buckets and signs and you do the rest, controlling how often your bin is emptied. This option is great for smaller departments and those who would like to manage their own composting.

Collection Route (Trial; Space is Limited)

Be added to our new collection route. This option is great for those who are in larger departments and are willing to engage their department/building occupants to participate. That said, we are conducting this option as a trial and space is limited to 15 departments as we investigate whether or not this could become a new service. As of the time of  this blog post, nearly but not all the spots have been filled.

For More Information

Visit our webpage or FAQ page for more info on the program and how to sign up. Thank you for helping OSU expand its waste reduction efforts!

3 Responses to “Campus Recycling Offers New Options for Composting in Departments”

  1. Jason W says:

    Hi Andrea,

    It’s important to inform students about preventing contaminants from getting into compost piles. Here is a great article we featured about it.

  2. Hello Dominique, I sent you an email. Let me know if you have specific questions I can help you with. Thank you!

  3. Dominique says:

    Hi, I am writing a paper for my writing class here at OSU about student sustainability, and would like to know how difficult it is for students to live sustainable lifestyles in a collegiate atmosphere. If anyone has any feedback I’d love to hear it!