Preparing Ground at the SSI

April 12th, 2011 | admin

It is that time of year again.

Last Friday was weeding day at the OSU Student Sustainability Center (SSC) Garden. Plants from last year, which had held the soil together during the rainy winter months, were being removed with the weeds that had sprouted in their midst. Before seeds could be sown for the new crop of fruits and vegetables we had planned, there was a lot of work that needed to be done preparing the beds.

As we hoed and picked at the soil, removing as many bits of leaf, stem, and root as we could, we chatted about what we would be planting. “Are we planning on using this trellis for green beans again?” “Where should we put the Strawberries?” Over the winter, our Landscape Group had designed this year’s garden and gathered seeds. We are well prepared for the challenge ahead.

But our garden isn’t the only area in need of a new crop.

Since 2007, when the OSU Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) was founded, April has been hiring month. With old staff members preparing to move on, we take applications, conduct interviews, and eventually hiring a whole new crop of enthusiastic students-activists. This year, we will be accepting applications in two batches:

April 29th

May 6th

Whether you are interested in applying for a staff position or are considering becoming a volunteer member of the fee board, we would love you to throw your hat in the ring. This is a truly wonderful organization to work with, and it’s ability to make OSU a more sustainable university is in no small part a function of the people representing it’s vision to the world, paid or unpaid.

Apply to the SSI or Learn About the Next Garden Party

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