City of Beaverton hosts International Sustainability Leadership Project

April 11th, 2011 | Brandon

Cedar Park Middle School teacher Edward Prindle was recently in touch with me to reach out to OSU students with a great opportunity to connect with Beaverton’s sister cities around issues of sustainability.

The International Sister City Sustainability Learning Project is a volunteer internship program for 25 young people, ages 18-24, to represent Beaverton and Portland and learn about sustainability as it relates to local business and government.  The 25 Americans will meet 25 participants from Beaverton’s sister cities in France, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia and Germany.  For three weeks participants will converge in Beaverton to cooperatively explore important sustainability issues and to evaluate local city, corporate and community sustainability initiatives and successes from a global perspective.


The core of the 3 week long workshop will be multiple site visits to Beaverton-based businesses, Intel, Solar World, Bonneville Dam, a wind farm, community gardens, Vernier, Ecohaus, SERA architects, PGE, City of Beaverton Waste Management and others.  This is a great opportunity to learn about this growing field and the steps local organizations are making.

Thanks to Edward and Noelle Studer-Spevak at PSU for helping make these connections!

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