Print and Mail Moves Toward More Sustainable Fleet of Copiers

March 11th, 2011 | admin

When Print & Mail researched the options for new, more technologically advanced copiers for the OSU campus, the decision seemed logical to find a fleet that was at the height of sustainability. Beginning this week, all of the copiers on campus will be systematically upgraded to a new Ricoh fleet.

The Ricoh line is supported by some impressive statistics. They use about the same amount of energy per week as the leading color desktop printers, even with copy, scan, print and faxing capabilities all in one. A Ricoh B/W copier uses less energy in a typical work-week than a 100-watt light bulb operating for 40 hours.

A fleet of 100 35-cpm Ricoh machines can save approximately 11.2 tons of CO2 per year utilizing Energy Save mode. An easy comparison is if you have six B/W laser printers and/or fax machines and consolidate them into one Ricoh copier, you can cut your energy consumption by 78%.

Even the reduction of paper usage was a factor in the upgrade selection. Hardware allows all machines to be able to scan and send to a folder, file or email address; virtually eliminating paper consumption. We have included the ability to scan color documents.

All of the toner bottles are the same no matter what model you will have installed. Additionally, each of the used toner bottles are fully recyclable and easy-to-use recycle bins will be provided campus-wide.

And finally, when the copier fleet is ready to be retired, 90% of the copier is recycled or remanufactured. It leaves virtually nothing to be sent to a landfill. Now how’s that for life-cycle of sustainability?

One Response to “Print and Mail Moves Toward More Sustainable Fleet of Copiers”

  1. Mike Smith says:

    The environmental impact of this is nothing to sneeze at. Good stuff!