RecycleMania 2011 activities set to launch Monday

January 19th, 2011 | Andrea Norris


As mentioned before on this blog, RecycleMania is almost here (officially starting Sunday)! Pull out your planner and check out the event lineup below for the first three weeks of the competition.

Cash for Clunkers Fridge Replacement Program Jan 24 through Apr 1, Your Department Have an old, energy inefficient fridge in your department’s kitchen or lounge? During RecycleMania, and in conjunction with the Building Energy Challenge, you can replace your fridge for a more efficient model, receive funds for the new one, and have your old one responsibly recycled! If interested, email Greg Smith.

RecycleMania Kick-Off Mon, Jan 24, 11 am-2 pm, MU Quad Grab an event schedule, jump in on a dumpster audit and check out a display on how much trash OSU produces! Volunteers needed

How to Compost in Your Department Tues, Feb 1, 12-1 pm, MU 211 Learn about the new options you have to compost food scraps in your department so you can reduce waste and help boost our numbers in RecycleMania. Campus Recycling will provide you with any and all supplies you need to get started! REGISTER HERE by Friday, January 28 if you would like lunch.

How to Compost at Home Wed, Feb 2, 1-2 pm, Native American Longhouse (Jefferson & 26th) Come by to discuss options for incorporating composting into your home or apartment, such as worm bins, utilizing composting drop points on campus, composting at the curb and composting in your backyard.

Build a Structure from Recyclables Thurs, Feb 3, 5-7 pm, Surplus Warehouse (644 SW 13th St) Join us to construct a large structure out of recyclables that will be on display in the MU Quad the following week. Time to get craftin’!

Why Do You Recycle? Mon, Feb 7, 12-3 pm, MU Quad Come by to tell us why you recycle and you may be featured in our YouTube video! Volunteers needed

Outdoor Compost Workshop Thurs, Feb 10, 4 pm, OSU Co-Op Housing Courtyard (next to Azalea Lodge at Madison & 11th) A discussion and demonstration at the co-ops’ composting system to learn what can go in a compost bin or pile, how to maintain it, and what problems to look out for. Get all the tips you need to get one started at your home! If possible, please bring a bag or container of compost to sort and add to the bin.

Visual learner? Download the poster for weeks 1-3!

Want to attend the next planning meeting and really get into the action? Join us Friday, January 28th at 4:00 pm at the Student Sustainability Center (738 SW 15th St).

Want more information? Visit the OSU RecycleMania website or email Andrea Norris. Happy recycling!

2 Responses to “RecycleMania 2011 activities set to launch Monday”

  1. Bodarc says:

    It is awesome that we have nationally recognized competitions like RecycleMania. I couldn’t agree more about reusing items. I know people who buy so many new toys for their kids and say “well at least we can recycle all this packaging”. What some people don’t realize is that recycling still takes energy, and often, this energy comes from carbon based sources. This is why recycling is the last approach, after reducing consumption and reusing items, to reducing waste which is landfill bound.

    I am super excited for this event. Considering how experienced the people from campus recycling are, and the amount of support from the OSU community, I think OSU will do a great job this year.

  2. givetome says:

    Congratulations, RecycleMania! Nice event.
    We invite you all you to become a recyclers, not only for this event. A good way to do it is giving unwanted and useful stuff to others for reuse and getting out of landfill those items