2011 OUS Sustainability Conference: Call For Posters

January 10th, 2011 | Sam

On February 28th, 2011, the OUS Sustainability Conference will be held at Oregon State University. The purpose of this conference is to encourage information sharing, networking, and collaboration around sustainability at Oregon’s public higher education institutions. A further focus of the confernence is to continue the discussion on issues brought up at the previous OUS Sustainabiliy Confernce held at UO in Eugene.

The Student Sustainability Initiative is looking for students who would like to display and discuss their research related to sustainability at a poster session during the conference. This is a great opportunity for students showcase their research in a professional forum, which looks good on a resume or CV.
Here are the criteria for the posters (good luck!)
Posters Must:
-Be created and presented by students from OUS universities Pertain to individual, group or faculty-sponsored student research, projects, and/or programs
-Involve at least two dimensions of sustainability (environmental, social, economic), at least one of which must be environmental.
-A poster may have a strong emphasis on environmental issues, such as habitat restoration or ecosystem health, but the poster must also include information on how such issues have social, or economic implications.
-OSU will select up to six posters to be presented at the conference Poster must be able to stand freely on an easel and may be a maximum of 36” tall and 48” wide
-For priority consideration, abstracts must be submitted to the OSU Sustainability Office by January 24, 2011

*If the abstract is approved, posters must be submitted by February 18, 2011. Approval of an abstract does not guarantee approval of the poster.
Please submit abstracts as a PDF using the following guidelines:

Include contact information (phone and email) for one primary and one secondary contact and list all other individuals involved, and their background relative to this project

 Provide the key details of your research, and make sure to address how your research examines at least two dimensions of sustainability.

Abstracts should not exceed 200 words

Proposers are welcome, but not required, to provide with their abstract a diagram or sketch of the poster.
Questions and submissions can be sent to Bo Bestvina at sustainability@oregonstate.edu

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