People’s Park Progress

November 22nd, 2010 | Brandon

Last week saw great progress at the People’s Park construction site!  The traditional paving is done and the masons began their work on the brick seatwall and plaza, which look great.  Check out the photos below.

One cool bonus feature is the “echo chamber” effect the curved seatwall has when you stand in the very center of the small plaza.  This is similar to the interesting sounds qualities of many rotunda type locations, including the US Capitol Building.

Next steps for the park include capping the seatwall, pouring the permeable concrete and developing the planting plan.  If you have ideas for what native or drought tolerant plant species should be included, please comment here or contact me.

Incomplete seatwall on a rainy day
Incomplete seatwall on a rainy day
View looking north.
View looking north

One Response to “People’s Park Progress”

  1. Ed Waymire says:

    I have been noticing the recent great progress on People’s Park. Congratulations and thank you. I was actively involved with the grass roots response to find a replacement for the old space, and am excited to see how this new space is coming along. My OSU faculty colleagues Clint Epps and Paul Hohenlohe sometimes gather there with a few friends/former students to play music (guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin, bass) when the weather is nice. If you need some music to kick off a grand opening or more fund raising, keep us in mind. — Ed