People’s Park Construction

October 20th, 2010 | Brandon

After years of delay and complications, OSU People’s Park began construction Monday, Oct.11.  The major work is currently underway, excavating the pathways and for benches and pouring concrete.  The project makes good on a promise OSU made to previous generations of students: to create a tucked away, intentional space for contemplation in the core of campus and replacing a previous less formal People’s Park first constructed in 1972 but neglected over the decades.

The construction of Kelley Engineering Center on the previous park site reignited interest that takes shape this week, as concrete – some of it pervious – gets poured in the newly designated park site next to Gilkey Hall.

More details to come, but for now, check out construction photos from last week and yesterday.  And stop by to enjoy what might be our last week of great weather this season!

Concrete forms, south end

Concrete forms, south end

Concrete forms, plaza and north end

Peoples Park

Concrete freshly poured on south end

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