OSU Participating in EPA Game Day Challenge

September 16th, 2010 | Andrea Norris

For over a year now OSU Campus Recycling has been partnering with Athletics to address waste and litter at home football games. We estimate that last season we produced an average of 10,000 lbs of trash every single game. That’s a lot of trash. So this year we’re stepping up our game.

We have signed up OSU to compete in the EPA Game Day Challenge, a nationwide competition between universities to reduce waste at football games. On October 30th, OSU’s Homecoming Game, we will weigh all the trash and recycling from the game – from the stands to the concourse to the on-campus tailgating areas. The EPA will take these stats to calculate various figures, such as our diversion rate, per capita recycling rate, and avoided greenhouse gas emissions, which will be used to rank us against other universities.

To increase the amount of recycling collected at games, we will take several actions, which are detailed on Campus Recycling’s website. They include sending teams of volunteers roving through tailgating areas to collect recyclables, staffing stadium gates with volunteers who help fans sort out their recyclables on their way into the game, making announcements over the stadium loudspeaker, and marching in the Homecoming Parade.

To pull all this off, we need help. A LOT of help. We encourage you to get involved – check it out!

Happy recycling!
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  1. [...] As mentioned previously on this blog, OSU has signed up to participate in the EPA Game Day Challenge this year, a nationwide competition between universities to reduce waste at football games. We will be bringing together a team of 50+ volunteers at the October 30th home football game to both increase recycling and fight hunger. [...]