Car sharing coming to OSU

January 29th, 2010 | Brandon

After a fair amount of fine tuning, I’m pleased to report that we’ve worked out an arrangement with Enterprise’s WeCar division that will bring car sharing to OSU.

What is “car sharing” you may ask?  It’s similar to an hourly rental.  Members can make a reservation online, walk up to the car with a member card which unlocks the car.  Ignition keys are inside, ready to go.  When your trip is done, simply return the car to the same spot, return keys to the glove box and hold your card over the windshield from outside the car to check out.

Gas, maintenance and – for most drivers – insurance are covered in the hourly rates.

Our friends to the south at UO started this a few months ago.  So before we get the marketing materials and website ready for OSU, you can find some details at UO’s site – our rates will be the same.  Check the WeCar site for remaining details.

The cars should be here and the OSU web portal functional by mid-late February.  Our two cars, both Toyota Prius, will be located near the corner of 26th and Jefferson, near the Memorial Union.  Look for announcements around then, and contact me if you have other questions!


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