Sustainability Office Partners with Academic Units

October 30th, 2009 | admin

Our students are OSU’s greatest resource. Not only because they are the future, but also because they are intensely interested in how the campus is operated.

Due to this ever-increasing interest, the Sustainability Office has begun a series of pilot partnerships with various academic units. In these partnerships, we offer students an opportunity for service, experiential learning and research at a location central to their lives: campus. In return, Facilities receives assistance with projects, potential new funding sources, and stronger relationships with campus units. Currently, Sustainability Office academic partnerships include:

- An energy conservation study at Rogers Hall, with Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME) students ;
- A web-based energy ‘dashboard’ for real-time building energy use, with Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS);
- Preliminary green roof design, cost and maintenance analysis for Kelley Engineering, with Environmental Science (ENSC);
- Various service learning projects with ENSC 101 and GEO 300.

If you would like to form or enhance a partnership between an academic unit and the Sustainability Office or another Facilities Services’ department, please contact Greg or Brandon.

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