In stormy times, take comfort on the bus

December 19th, 2008 | admin

This winter’s shaping up to be a stormy one, with major storms hitting before our transition to winter (the 21st of this month)  and more likely to come.  Roads are slick and sidewalks perilous; however, we are members of a university that never seems to close, so we must make our way nonetheless.

Biking is almost out of the question, though a few hardy souls two-wheel through the ice and snow.  Driving is oftentimes frustrating, if not hazardous, in weather like this.  Walking gets you from point A to point B, but slowly and at the full mercy of the weather.

And yet all to often we neglect one of the safest, most efficient, comfortable and economical ways to commute: the city bus.  With free fares for the OSU community, the Corvallis Transit System offers economical service to a large portion of town with twice-hourly or hourly routes.  It is warm and carefree.  And it is consistent; day after day, through freezing rain, snow or sleet, it lumbers along its routes.  It is safe too; the National Safety Council estimates that riding the bus is 170 times safer than automobile travel.

The benefits to using mass transit are numerous, to both yourself and the community.  And a recent study showed countries that most heavily relied on alternative transportation, which includes mass transit, had the lowest obesity rates.

So the next time the rain pours (or freezes) and the snow falls, remember the bus.  It’s a great way to go!

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