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Oregon University System's Student Appeals and Grievances:

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  • Student Appeals in Matters of University-Owned Housing
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Grievance Procedures for Graduate Students




Student Academic Grievances

Challenges to academic decisions are governed by the Academic Regulations and Procedures adopted by the Faculty Senate, and published in the Schedule of Classes. Those regulations provide:

(1) Student grievances of academic matters including grades and student-instructor conflicts are appealed:

(a) To the class instructor;

(b) To the department head or chairperson;

(c) To the grievance committee of the college if the college maintains such a committee;

(d) To the dean of the college;

(e) To the Provost and Executive Vice President or designee.

(2) Student appeals regarding matters of academic dishonesty are appealed in accordance with written college procedures which must provide at a minimum for appeal to the dean, followed by appeal to the Provost and Executive Vice President. If a college does not maintain its own written appeal procedures, the steps for appeal shall be:

(a) The class instructor;

(b) The department head or chairperson;

(c) The dean of college in which the course is offered;

(d) The Provost and Executive Vice President or designee.

(3) Academic matters outside the authority and responsibility of instructors and the academic colleges are governed through University student-faculty committees. Students seeking an exception to academic regulations and requirements must petition the appropriate committee for a decision. An explanation of regulations, requirements, procedures, and the specific committee to which to direct the appeal can be obtained through the Registrar's Office, 102 Kerr Administration Building.

(a) If other pertinent information or factors become apparent after the original decision is reached, the student may appeal the decision to that committee for reconsideration by providing written documents or appearing in person;

(b) Appeals from committee except as in section (1) of this rule, are made to the Provost and Executive Vice President or designee.

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Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070
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