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Student Conduct and Community Standards

Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS)

The Student Conduct and Community Standards office is the central coordinating office for student conduct related matters at Oregon State University.  SCCS supports the mission of the University by providing programs and services designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of students in relation to community standards, civility, accountability, diversity, respect and truth.

Choosing to join the Oregon State University community obligates each member to a code of responsible behavior which is outlined in the Student Conduct Code. The assumption upon which this Code is based is that all persons must treat one another with dignity and respect in order for scholarship to thrive.


IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL stating you allegedly violated the Student Conduct Code go to the "Students" tab and choose the option "The Conduct Hearing Process". 

IF YOU WISH TO APPEAL a decision that has been made by faculty, staff or a University Administrator CLICK HERE. To review the appeal forms CLICK HERE. The Office of Advocacy can assist you with the appeal process.

IF YOU ARE AN INSTRUCTOR and need to report an incident of Academic Misconduct go to the "Faculty & Staff" tab and choose the option "Academic Misconduct Reporting Forms". If you are an instructor and need to report an non-academic incident CLICK HERE. 

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