Programs & Services

Academic Counselors

Full-time academic counselors are in charge of the academic supervision of assigned sports, providing direction and resources in a supportive, structured environment. Our counselors work with students on transition issues, stress management, time management, academic focus and problem resolution in a proactive manner. The staff provides academic support, registration assistance, eligibility information, supplemental instruction, and arranges for tutoring and referrals to other support services on campus. ASA Counselors are particularly aware of issues of transition, adjustment and retention for students of color, international students and women.


Tutoring is available to all student athletes. Our flexible tutorial program accommodates the varying schedules and needs of students. Individual and group tutoring allows for one-on-one work as well as collaboration within peer study groups.

Evening Study Program

In the Evening Study Program, Study Facilitators work closely with student athletes in a structured environment designed to develop quality study practices for each student. In this applied study assistance program, study facilitators assist with organization and time management and other techniques that contribute to student productivity and success.

BEST Bridge Program

Bridge Encouraging Successful Transitions (BEST) is designed to offer a comprehensive array of programs and services for incoming athletes. Students participate in orientation to campus, community and college life, including an introduction to academics, resources and services on campus. This program offers assessment and evaluation which help advisors and athletic counselors guide students into appropriate programs and classes. The structured environment includes the completion of six credits of required courses as well as enriched learning experiences such as team building exercises and field trips.

Learning Spaces

The Beth Ray Center for Academic Support is the location for all ASA programming. The Evening Study Program takes place on the second and third floors of the building, and tutoring takes place on the third floor during buisness hours and on the first floor on nights and weekends. There is a computer lab on the first floor of building, and laptops available for checkout on the third floor during buisness hours and the Evening Study Program.

The first and third floors have many spaces available day and night, weekdays and weekends, for informal individual and group study.