Prospective Study Facilitators & Tutors


Our office employs two categories of peer educators:

  • Tutors are hired on a rolling basis throughout the year, contingent upon specific subject/course demand.
  • Study Facilitators are generally hired during the summer to begin in fall, but also occasionally prior to the start of winter and spring terms. Oregon State student athletes must complete their athletic eligibility before working as a study facilitator.

Laura Smithers coordinates student athlete learning services; please contact Laura with any questions about these positions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Positions

  • What is a Study Facilitator? What do they do?

See the following link, as well as the Study Facilitator Position Announcement.

  • What is a Tutor? What do they do?

See the following link, as well as the Tutor Position Announcement.

  • What is a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader? What do they do?

SI Leaders are employed through the Academic Success Center. For more information, click through to the Academic Success Center website.

  • What hours would I work?

Study Facilitators work approximately 10 hours per week: Mondays through Thursdays 6:45-9:15pm. Study Facilitators aadditionally attend our weekly training meeting Mondays from 5:45-6:45pm. Tutors work according to student demand, hours usually vary from week to week.

  • How many Study Facilitators/Tutors does ASA employ?

The number varies from term to term, but we employ roughly 45 facilitators and 20 tutors during regular academic terms.

  • Can I be both a Study Facilitator and a Tutor?

Yes! Your Study Facilitator hours are set and cannot move for the sake of tutoring, but you may schedule tutoring around Study Facilitator hours if you hold both positions. Many of our tutors come from our study facilitator ranks.

  • I'm looking for x number of hours. Can you guarantee I will have that many?

If you work as a study facilitator you will have a guaranteed 10 hours per week. If you work as a tutor, you will not have guaranteed hours.

  • Do you have any other positions in your office?

We have a small number of front desk positions for students who recieve Federal Work-Study aid as a part of your financial aid package from the university. Contact Ardell Bailey for more information.

  • Can I be a Study Facilitator/Tutor if I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)?

It depends. You can work for us if:

        your hours worked with us,

     + your hours as a GTA,

     ≤ 20 hours a week (the hour equivalent of a .49 GTA position).

This means that if you currently hold a .49 GTA position, you cannot, in addition to that position, work with us or with any other campus office. If you hold a GTA position that is less than .49 FTE, you can work as many hours with us that would take you to the .49 FTE threshold, but no more. Example: If you hold a GTA position at .20 FTE, you have an 8 hour a week commitment to your department. This leaves you just under 12 hours each week (the hour equivalent to a .29 FTE)  that you are eligible to work elsewhere on campus. For more information on GTAs, GRAs, and IGTAs, please see the Graduate School's website on Graduate Assistantships.

In addition, if you hold grading authority in a class, you cannot be a tutor through our department for any of your current students.

We welcome all eligible graduate students to apply!