Wendy Starker - Student Affairs Service Award 2006-07

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Wendy Starker
Recreational Sports


Also know as the Marketing Coordinator Extraordinaire, Wendy is highly involved in Marketing, Assessment and Communications for the Department of Recreational Sports. She is responsible for planning the START and CONNECT Nights at Dixon Recreation Center, and the Rec Night and OSU Late Night Activities. She also works with Campus Tours, Athletics, & C2D.  In February, Wendy led the first multi-departmental Campus Wellness Week – a campus-wide event to promote wellness.  It was collaboration success story.  Additionally and while working full time, she continues to attend classes, in pursuit of her Master’s Degree.

Here are some things her colleagues had to say about Wendy…….

“Wendy, is truly an inspiration to our staff.  Everyday she comes prepared, organized and willing to help contribute to the success of our department.  With her passion and energy, she welcomes participants and staff with a friendly smile and hello.  Due to her hard work and dedication, she has been able to improve how our department clearly and consistently communicates and reaches our OSU community with the programs and services we offer. Her ability to lead others and raise the bar is visible to our staff.  We appreciate all of her creativity and marketing efforts for our programs.”

“One of the best qualities Wendy brings to our department is her genuine care and respect for individuals.  She is always willing to offer a hand when both staff and students ask for support/assistance. “

“Wendy demonstrates the Campus Compact every day in her interactions with students by creating an exciting environment that allows for student development and learning through challenging and empowering activities.  Wendy demonstrates the values of compact through her commitment to building positive relationships with department staff and the OSU campus community.”

“Wendy is the personification of everything that I respect and admire.  She is an attentive, informed, confident professional who regularly demonstrates a personal commitment to the success of the Department.  She is consistently genuine and positive in her interaction with others, and acts as a group catalyst for optimism, creative thinking, and problem solving.”

“I don’t know if it is her knowledge of the power of “word-of-mouth” marketing, or simply her genetic make-up that causes her to be so positive in her interactions with others.  Regardless, it is noticeable and contagious.

“Wendy demonstrates her commitment to RecSports on a regular basis.  Just this morning, we had a long line of customers at the Recreational Services desk.  Wendy started passing out candy and striking up conversations to make a more pleasant wait for them.”

“Wendy has created an environment with her marketing staff that mirrors the values of Campus Compact.  In her weekly planning meetings, she leads them in the pursuit of new ideas, and courageously embraces new territory.  When something works, they celebrate; when something doesn’t work, they note it and redirect the energy.  Work is introduced in a way that capitalizes on group synergy, and assigned with consideration for individual talents.”

“Wendy leads by example - frequently checking her assumptions, reflecting on her interactions, and taking personal responsibility for improvement.”

“Wendy is smart, hard-working, caring, compassionate, creative and fun to be around.  She has taken us to a new level in marketing through her experience, organizational skills and business background.” 

“Wendy demonstrates a "can do" attitude that permeates all of her work.  She gives creative energy to designing and planning promotions, she ALWAYS tries to work collaboratively on projects, she sets a great example for students and involves/challenges them to continuously learn and improve.  She is thoughtful and caring in her work and relationships; and she has greatly added to our department and to Student Affairs through her marketing work and her innovative messaging around Wellness and Healthy Living.”


12th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 22, 2007