Susie Brubaker-Cole

The vice provost for the Division of Student Affairs reports to the provost/executive vice president and serves as a member of the executive leadership team of the president. The vice provost collaborates with others to develop and implement policies concerning student and general university programs and create a network to resolve problems and issues confronting students and staff. The vice provost represents student services throughout the university and community.

A significant part of the vice provost position involves developing relationships and creating networks that will enhance the quality of life for students. The vice provost has responsibility for working with students, faculty, and staff to promote the development of a positive campus environment. Because of the wide diversity among the units within student affairs, the vice provost provides leadership to create coherence among the various services and initiatives. These responsibilities imply the development of a strong and dynamic leadership team.

Under the guidance of Vice Provost Susie Brubaker-Cole, the Division of Student Affairs launched a new strategic plan in 2016. This plan, Transforming the World One Student at a Time, guides the division's work in support of student success. 

In addition to administrative responsibilities, the vice provost for student affairs is expected to maintain professional vitality, be active in service to the community, and exhibit high-level collaboration and engagement throughout the university.