Tracy Bentley-Townlin

Tracy Bentley-Townlin

Service Award Recipient

Student Affairs Division, OSU


To begin with, Tracy’s colleagues are glad SHE is the one in the position of Director of Services for Students with Disabilities and could not imagine anyone else in the position.

The position she holds requires that she stay on top of State and Federal laws and of the ever-changing interpretations of those laws, have an awareness of the university climate, be in good graces with faculty, be a smart money manager, good with students, flexible, communicate well with staff, encourage individual decision making, provide back-up when needed, promote professional development, keep current with technological advancements and availability, and posses a good sense of humor.

Tracy is involved in a number of projects and committees. To name just  a few, she is an active member of the Academic Requirements Committee, University Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities, participates in Campus Compact discussions, and speaks at various department meetings across campus regarding issues of disabilities.

Tracy is a leader.  She provides guidance, yet fosters independence.  She is flexible and encourages her staff to become involved and participate in professional development opportunities. 

Tracy has been a vital asset to the OSU community since 1990.  Without her dedication and commitment the Services for Students with Disabilities department would not be what it is today!

Tracy is appreciated!