Tom Watts - Student Affairs Service Awards 2010-11

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Tom Watts
AKA “Pope Thomas the Tall”


When asked to describe our honoree in one word, a colleague said “I tried to find a word that means: patient/humble/intelligent/caring/ethical/respected.  However, I couldn’t find any one word that encompasses all the qualities that he possesses.”

As Associate Registrar, Tom Watts holds many key responsibilities including the development and maintenance of the General Catalog, the Online Catalog, the Registration Handbook, the scheduling of all classes into classrooms each term, the scheduling of all final exam and group mid-term/final exams as well as the Online Schedule.

In addition to these core responsibilities, Tom has been integral part of academic success initiatives such as Zone Scheduling and Schedule 25/Resource 25 which have optimized the utilization and scheduling of classes into classrooms across campus. This has become a critical asset to OSU as our enrollment continues to rise and our classroom space is pushed to its limits. Tom was also instrumental in the deployment of the new MyDegrees software and participated in campus wide trainings for the new system.

Tom maintains an excellent rapport with his staff, students, faculty, and staff all around campus.  His ability to fairly assess and resolve issues has earned him a reputation across campus as a caring, fair minded, and supremely helpful individual.

He is the epitome of reliability, patience, knowledge, and team spirit, and his dedication to students and their struggles is unparalleled. He is caring to both colleagues and students in a way that demonstrates a true underlying empathy that people note and respond to in a like manner. 

It is because of qualities such as these, as well as many other similar accolades that are too numerous to mention, that we award this Student Affairs Service Award to Tom Watts.

16th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 24, 2011