Tina Hutchens - Student Affairs Service Award 2001-02

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Tina Hutchens


Technically, Tina Hutchens’ job title is “Clerical Specialist II,” but functionally and in layperson’s terms, she is called “KBVR’s Office Manager.”  Tina is the first contact for anyone entering or calling the KBVR areas in Student Media.  She manages (and tracks) equipment check out and usage.  She oversees listserv and databases relevant to both radio and TV stations, and organizes the paperwork that goes in and out of the office.  She is also the lead worker for Northwest Scholastic Press (NWSP), a non-profit organization that Student Media operates out of the Student Media office.  NWSP is the support group for Oregon High School Media teachers (mainly yearbook, photography and newspaper advisers).  She is a member of the NWSP Board of Directors.

On top of such responsibilities, Tina has represented KBVR in many other ways such as being one of the co-founders and co-chair of da Vinci Film and Video Festival held during da Vinci Days.  She has worked very hard on the festival for the past three years.  Her work and dedication have paid off as it has turned out to be a wonderful and successful feature of da Vinci Days.  She is a member of the Executive Board of the da Vinci Days as well as the da Vinci Film and Video Festival.  Tina also serves as assistant teacher in photography classes at the Craft Center.  She takes a class each term in her journey toward her Bachelor’s degree in photography.

Students and colleagues see Tina as a friendly, helpful, kindhearted, hard working, sweet, funny, and all-around awesome gal.  She does so much for everyone around KBVR everyday.  Even if it’s just an ear to talk at, she’s always there for anyone and everyone.  She is the heart of KBVR.   For those who work closely with Tina standard superlatives are not enough to describe her, and sometimes grammatical deviations may have to be resorted to if only to express their profound impression and admiration.   For instance, Tina has been described as the “most wonderfullest of wonderful.”  She is a very dedicated and hard worker who is always coming up with ways to better things.  She always has a kind word to say and a shoulder to lean on for any and all of the staff and students who, although she doesn’t really mind, are constantly interrupting her on her typical workday.  As one student leader said, “I hope I can work with a Tina Hutchens for the rest of my life, but there are just so few of her breed in this world.  I consider Tina Hutchens a great person to work with as well as a dear friend.”

Tina has created a staff poster for both FM and TV with photographs of everybody looking great, photos that she took with her camera (some of which she took over because they weren’t quite flattering enough).  She has a database, software adaptation or listserv for every conceivable purpose.  She has the guidelines for every FM or TV procedure at her fingertips and a generous manner in sharing information to help students avoid pitfalls.  She cleans up daily the messy paperwork trail left by those of us who seem destined to never learn how to follow directions.  And she always has a supportive story or hug to greet the depressed, confused, or frustrated visitor in her office.

Call it blasphemy if you may, but many of those who know Tina view her as a goddess.  Her ability to be organized (and organize the rest of those in the department) in the midst of chaos is something to behold, as is her constant good humor.  It is Tina who has congratulation posters and notes decorating the station; Tina who posts every newspaper clipping that is remotely relevant to any person at the station; Tina who hounds the student leaders to give her information in order to create awards for volunteers; and, yes, Tina who keeps treats on her desk and shares her growing knowledge of photography with anybody who needs it.

Tina has demonstrated in every way the values of the Campus Compact.  She is without guile, and does not judge others.  Tina is:

  • Purposeful – She is always creating hand-outs and quick guidelines to help students as they transition from one volunteer job to the next.
  • Open – She listens, tells her story, supports the works of others, and offers to help everyone she sees.
  • Just – She is non-judgmental and supports every effort and idea (no matter how corny).
  • Disciplined – Her level of organization gets us all producing at a higher level.
  • Caring – She listens and supports, and then shows her concern with a little reward, some extra help, and sharing information with others so they may respond.
  • Celebrative – She is quick to make certificates and awards, hang signs acknowledging publication in the Prism or success on a project.  She celebrates it all and invites us to celebrate her joys as well.

She is optimistic about every activity that she pursues.  She gives of herself, is a wonderful listener, and goes the extra mile for a student having trouble finding or doing something on campus.  Here are one-word descriptors for Tina: delightful, energetic, positive, organized, effective, empathetic, great.  And the one that says it all:




7th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

June 5, 2002