Student Assault Nurse Examiner Group Award 2008-09

Serious Advocates Negotiating Empowerment


The S.A.N.E. (Student Assault Nurse Examiner) workgroup is acknowledged as the Student Affairs collaborative group award winner for this year. 

Please congratulate Linda Anderson, Michael Flyger, Carrie Giese, Keri Johnson, Kelley Kendall, Peggy Nichols, Lori Nunn, Linda Reid, Virginia Nelson, Phil Histand and George Voss.

This group collaborated with colleagues in Student Affairs; Student Conduct, University Housing, the Office of the Dean of Student Life, Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Health Services; at the University; Oregon State Police and Public Safety; with colleagues in the Corvallis community;  CARDV, Corvallis Police Department, District Attorney’s office and Samaritan Health Services.

“The S.A.N.E. work group is amazing!!   They have organized a very comprehensive response to sexual assault.  Through the dedication and commitment of this team, OSU is able to offer prompt compassionate care to students who are survivors of sexual assault.  The ability for survivors to be cared for by SANE’s who can provide survivor-focused health-care makes a tremendous difference in the lives of students.  Women and men who are survivors of sexual assault benefit from services available in familiar surroundings by clinicians who work with college students on a daily basis.  Survivors greatly benefit from a continuum of care that provides sensitivity to their experience and support for their health process.”

The work of the S.A.N.E. workgroup clearly demonstrates the commitment of OSU to create an open community where people feel safe to ask questions and share experiences. The group showed care throughout the several years of work to complete this process, staying focused on what is best for the survivor.  What was also apparent was the amount of support and acknowledgment the group gave to each other along the way.  Having the S.A.N.E. program provides an opportunity for sexual assault survivors to maintain their dignity and be affirmed in their self worth during a difficult point in their lives.  There is a great sense of pride in this program being available at Student Health Services at OSU.