Student Affairs Communications Group Award 2007-08

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Student Affairs Communications Group


We honor the Student Affairs Communications Group with the Division of Student Affairs Collaborative Group Award.  The Communications Group has exemplified the spirit of collaboration through its energetic efforts to align and coordinate marketing and communications.  The formation of the Communications Group demonstrates the commitment of those involved to go beyond the boundaries of their individual professional responsibilities in order to learn, lead, and develop positive relationships across the Division of Student Affairs.  The members of the Communications Group have consistently modeled the spirit of the campus compact by stepping forward from their individual professional positions and providing leadership for the division’s communications efforts.  Even more, the Student Affairs Communications Group has extended its efforts to include colleagues from outside of student affairs.  This is truly boundary-spanning leadership.

The Student Affairs Communications Group has been lively in its work.  Specifically, it has actively pursued its vision of providing “a forum for collaboration, skill development, and coordination with regard to marketing and communication.” 

Members of the Communications Group have spent countless hours collectively and individually enhancing their own and the group’s learning with regard to the work each other is doing related to communication, University efforts and industry trends.  The approach the group takes to its work is a positive demonstration of shared responsibility, collaboration, commitment to high performance.  The Student Affairs Communications Group is a forward-looking body – through high engagement processes they generate vision inspiring questions, challenge traditional boundaries and welcome others to help them consider possibilities for ways to enhance their work.  The Student Affairs Communications Group has added tremendous value to the leadership culture of the Division of Student Affairs.

Because of the dedication of the Student Affairs Communications Group, the potential for high impact communication by units in Division of Student Affairs and the Division as an entity has been dramatically improved.  We are proud to honor the Student Affairs Communications Group as a dynamic representation of the core values of the Campus Compact.


13th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 20, 2008