Sid Cooper - Student Affairs Service Award 2001-02

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Sid Cooper


Sid has made a difference in the Memorial Union after stepping in to what has been described as “not an easy job.”  As the supervisor of MU Maintenance, Sid has worked hard to improve the reputation of the department and overcome obstacles with style and grace.  One person commented that while the job Sid performs is certainly important, much of the positive difference he has made is manifested in others -- how other staff view and feel about their jobs, and in their realization that their work is important

Sid has the enormous responsibility for the physical upkeep as well as the interior and exterior “curb appeal” of 200,000 square feet of the university commons buildings.  He sees that things are kept running smoothly for students, faculty, staff, vendors, and the public at all times.  He also coordinates all maintenance work and maintenance crews, and oversees major renovation projects. 

He has created confidence in the MU organization by responding positively and in a timely manner to others’ concerns and work requests.  Colleagues throughout this large department describe Sid as “the heart of the unit” and “a team player.”  Sid is known for helping MU employees feel like part of a work family. 

Sid knows how to utilize others’ skills in order to help them become better contributors.  At the same time, he brings considerable knowledge that he freely and unselfishly shares.  When asked to find one word or phrase to describe him, his co-workers chose “unifier,” “dedicated,” and “down to earth.”  The unanimous opinion is that Sid has done a “fantastic” job and is absolutely deserving of this award.

7th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

June 5, 2002