Sheila Roberts - Student Affairs Service Award 1998-99

Sheila Roberts


When asked what made them nominate Sheila Roberts for a 1999 Student Affairs Service Award, her colleagues responded this way.   “Sheila is an asset to the program and exemplifies the EOP philosophy of being student centered.  No matter what she does, she always keeps the students at the forefront of her mind.”

Among the hats Sheila wears in the Educational Opportunities Program are those of counselor financial aid specialist, and recruiter. She is the creative force behind and has responsibility for the  EOP Extra Newsletter, the EOP Annual, and the Alumni Newsletter.  Her accomplishments include the development and organization of financial aid workshops for non-traditional and bilingual prospective students, and scholarship fundraising events such as the EOP Scholarship Fundraising Auction and EOP Scholarship Raffle.

Sheila actively participates in her department on the Admissions, Publications, Fundraising, and Scholarship Committees.  She also contributes her time and expertise to the larger university through her membership on the University Housing Committee, the Students of Color Recruitment and Retention Committee, and recently as a member of the Financial Aid Director Search Committee.

Her innovative style has resulted in the creation of programs and events designed to assist students.  A few examples of her involvement can be seen in EOP publications, State-wide Financial Aid Workshops, the EOP Assessment Committee, and EOP Scholarship Fundraising events. 

Sheila’s dedication makes a difference in the lives of students and staff.  She is most patient and always willing to help others.  She makes time to talk to people when she knows they need to talk, even when she doesn’t really have the time to do so.  Sheila is patient.  Her interactions with staff and students are thoughtful and respectful whether she is responding to the first question or the thousandth inquiry of the day!

Her nominators went on to say that “Sheila is a strong rock in a sometimes stormy sea of emotions and feelings.  She can be depended upon to maintain her composure and to help others see things in a different light.”

The aspirations of the Campus Compact are modeled in Sheila’s everyday life.  She goes out of her way to convey genuine care for students and staff. Her belief that each staff member and student is a valuable contributor to the organization is apparent.  She values, honors, and promotes diversity in her work throughout the campus, and is open and available to others. Students know that when she is in the office, they can drop in and have her complete attention.

So for your patience, dedication, creativity, strength of character, and “rock-like” qualities, Sheila, we honor you with this service award.  You are appreciated, admired, and cherished!  Thank you for your commitment to excellence and making OSU a better place to be.