SAAC Minutes - May 26, 2010

Attendance & weekend sunny?: Rebecca Sanderson-absolutely, Melissa Yamamoto-yes!, Anne Lapour-of course!, Kami Hammerschmith- with any luck, Allyson Dean- for 10 minutes every 2 hours, Victor Santana- Melgoza- god I hope so, Doug Severs-sunny, Beth Dyer-partly sunny, Jo Alexander-absolutely-in my dreams!, Pat Ketcham-July 3 2010, Michele Ribeiro- ½ of it will be, the other ½ not, Jennifer Viña, Angi Baxter-


  • June 10th Rebecca and Angi will be moving out of Poling for 6 weeks.  We will be temporarily located in Hawley conference room 116.  We will probably not available June 9, 10, and 11 as we don’t know if phones and computers will be working
  • June 17 retreat at Adair Clubhouse in Adair Village
  • Angi will send an email to the Assessment Council with times, location and directions
  • June 9- last meeting before retreat

Retreat Planning

  • What do we want to do/cover?
    • Look at diversity work
    • Good practices for education
    • Good practices for assessment
    • Learning outcomes, focus them
    • Write a book- each unit has a chapter where we write about our department and how we evolved with assessment
    • Assessment plan for student affairs- may need to wait for SALT
    • Time to talk about accreditation
    • Surveys and other assessment methods—how to be more intentional and collaborative in our use of methods and sharing data
      • We don’t really do any sort of university wide satisfaction
      • What outcomes do we want to be following as a division—we need some clarity on this
      • How effective as a division are we in our diversity work with students?  Rather than by each department.
      • There are some results already done around climate and diversity university-wide which could be useful to us as a base.  It asks about diversity, quality environment, co-curricular, hits main areas without targeting specific units.
    • What if anything we should bring to the retreat?
      • Angi will send that out in the email if there are specific things to bring.
    • Like to do something with the readings we were assigned, a way to utilize that information
      • Catalogue of resources- we cannot distribute what we have beyond the council because we don’t have permission to send it out
      • Document with the summaries, list of authors
      • Create an index with page numbers
      • Add to it- internal wiki that only council could access- possibly in student voice, we’d need to talk to them to find out how to post them- Angi contact Melissa about posting summaries to StudentVoice

Next Meeting
Assessment Council Meeting
June 9, 2010
MU Council Room