SAAC Minutes - May 12, 2010

Attendance: Angi Baxter, Jo Alexander, Allyson Dean, Victor Santana-Melgoza, Melissa Yamamoto, Gustavo Martinez-Padilla, Linda Reid, Kerry Evans, Tina Clawson, Ann Robinson, Doug Severs, Kent Sumner, Rebecca Sanderson

  1. OSU Perspective – Spring Edition
    1. Focused on health and wellness, the alignment group members wrote the content
    2. Is there any other alignment groups that would like to add to the content- do not need to be a professional writer, we have editors
      1. Goes up on the web, send copies to deans and advisors, a lot of people go to the assessment website and read the newsletter from around the country
      2. Sent out in OSU today, on the web, academic department, deans offices, head advisers, and some people ask to get them via email
      3. Sometimes there is a theme to them other times is about what is going on in departments, other times there are just little facts
    3. We publish 3 times a year and anyone could contribute to the content and ask that there is some kind of data within the articles- doesn’t have to be your own research –we can site other peoples research/articles, etc.
    4. Could do on the changing face of media
    5. Happy to take ideas, writings
    6. The one in the fall usually goes out mid Nov so if we could get it be mid October so that there is time to edit and arrange articles
    7. Financial Aid could do something- Doug Severs
    8. Faculty like it because they learn about students when they don’t normally have that information
  2. Retreat
    1. Retreat committee-
      1. Jo Alexander
      2. Ann Robinson
      3. Gustavo Martinez-Padilla
    2. May 26th will discuss what we want to do during the retreat
    3. What do we need to work on or develop for the coming year and that we can start during the retreat?
    4. How do we want to spend our time at the retreat?
    5. What do we want from Larry at our retreat—he is scheduled for part of the morning?
      1. Larry knows that we are working on diversity which may be outside the bounds assessment but we should do it because no one that is looking at it from a more holistic way- at the point that we are ready to roll something out then Larry is very willing to help move that forward
      2. Was every department required to write a diversity action plan?
        1. Academic colleges were to write diversity action plans--this last go around it was decided in SALT that there would be a division wide action plan with the entire division responsible for it
        2. Housing decided they needed to do their own, there may have been other departments that did that
  3. DPD training Recap
    1. Tired but very important learning and experiences
    2. Ended watching a movie about Katrina which focused on the difficulties as a result of the hurricane- there was consensus about debriefing about the movie and environmental justice
      1. Need to find those different news outlets
        1. Racialious is a good outlet-
        2. There are similar media sources for all of these communities
        3. Would like to know reliable sites
          1. NCLGBT
          2. Google buzz- could be a forum
        4. Please send out resources
      2. Great balance of the two, vulnerability and being able to laugh
      3. Seems that we have created deeper relationships with the individuals in this group, makes it a more cohesive group, we all represent different faucets of diversity
      4. We have always done well if we had shared learning experiences to varying degrees, it’s good to do that with hard topics, the joining of assessment and diversity has taken us in a good direction
    3. Where do we want to go from here, have we processed the training enough to move on
    4. I would like us to talk about how do we use this information, how do we do assessment around this stuff, how do we assess the learning
      1. With ourselves and the students
    5. This could be a good retreat topic for the retreat
      1. What would it be like to create a curriculum for our individuals department and then make it bigger for the rest of OSU
      2. Maybe add intersections
    6. Let not get wrapped up in the talking, what does the doing look like
      1. At the retreat we could set up a frame work for what we will be doing then we can break up into smaller groups
      2. We decided last year that we would spend the year working on this, next year could be about doing something, we could pilot things, testing them
    7. Are there any best practices, models for these trainings, programs?
      1. There are many models out there, different things may work for different folks
      2. There are many forms of presenting training through entertainment, workshops, etc…
      3. Good teaching is good teaching is good teaching across disciplines, if we look at what is good teaching around diversity it may not matter what model, part of good teaching is knowing your students
      4. If the teacher knows the material well and are passionate about the material, if teachers can energize the student
  4. Next meeting:

May 26th 2010
MU Council Room