Ross Artwohl - Student Affairs Service Award 2006-07

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Ross Artwohl
Counseling & Psychological Services


Kind. Generous. Outgoing. Spirited. Hardworking. Caring. Fun. Dedicated. Dependable. Enthusiastic. Authentic. These are some of the expressions of admiration, love, and respect from colleagues about Ross Artwohl, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving as a staff therapist with CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services). 

Because of his warm and caring presence, Ross is able to develop good relationships with his colleagues and clients. He is collaborative and builds effective bridges with members of other departments. He encourages openness through his respect for others’ opinions and views. He has an outstanding ability to create space for meaningful discussions which is incredibly helpful in maintaining focus to assist students in the most efficient way possible. Ross is visionary and his capability brings his visions to commendable fruition.

Ross’ outreach undertakings are deeply anchored in his passions around social justice. His passion drives and supports a building of awareness and sensitivity to cultural issues and their impact on college men. He has worked to build awareness around men’s issues and violence, depression, and the need to process and redefine masculinity.  He has been dedicated to bringing quality educational programming and presentations around mental health issues, suicide awareness and prevention, and participating in anti-oppression work. His work with the CAPS diversity committee is characteristic of his excitement to engage in conversations and activities that promote positive climate change for students, faculty, and staff at OSU and beyond.

Ross’ willingness to take a leadership role in suicide prevention work, men’s issues and the National Testing Service has had a tremendous influence on the services that CAPS has been able to offer to the OSU community. Ross made significant contribution to the work around a grant for suicide risk and prevention. His commitment to progress and positive change is apparent in his initiation of professional development activities for himself and the CAPS staff.  Supervision and training of CAPS interns is yet another way that Ross, counselor and educator, contributes to the mission of the Division of Student Affairs and the University.

Lest anyone think Ross is all work and no play, colleagues also say he is awesome for his robust sense of humor and his commitment to self-care and a well balanced life. 

Supporters of this Service Award unanimously agreed and expressed that Ross is a truly wonderful colleague, that he exceeds the expectations of his position in both the described and undescribed work, and that they are proud to be teammates with him.

One summary of Ross’ wonderfulness was said like this; “He has a true sense of authenticity that just seems to rise up from his soul… I just have to hug him when I see him -- he’s just that yummy!”


12th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 22, 2007