Robyn StClair

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Robyn StClair
Assistant Director, Memorial Union and Director of Retail Food Service


Robyn manages the Java Stop, is the contract administrator for the branded vendors and coordinates all Memorial Union Retail Food Service, both in and out of the building, including Pangea, Java II, Juice and Java (soon to be Dixon Café), and the Java Cart in Engineering.  Robyn is an instructor in Human Nutrition and Food Management and teaches NFM 311 and the NFM 447 lab.  She coordinates purchasing for MU Retail Food Service and is responsible for developing the budget for all MU Retail operations.  Robyn is active in the National Association for College And University Food Services on both a regional and national level.  Robyn played an active role in the 2007 planning process.  And has played an important role in creating program coordination between OSU and LBCC with respect to the Nutrition and Food Management program.   In addition, she is an enthusiastic soccer mom for her sons Mathew and Zackary even though she doesn’t yet own a minivan.

Robyn is inclusive in decision-making, empowering her staff by encouraging creativity and assertiveness.  She has developed a mentor/teacher relationship with her staff over time and fully embodies the “Fish” philosophy.  She acts as team coach by providing positive suggestions for improvement.  She is always looking forward and looking for new market niches. 

When asked what one word describes Robyn, the responses included “wonder-woman,” “empowering,” and “superstar.”  But unanimously, the team suggested “queen!” 

Robyn involves all staff in financial decisions and empowers her student managers and student employees resulting in a very low turnover rate.  The environment she creates supports students both as employees and as students, and helps them to learn life skills and life philosophies.  Each of Robyn’s managers is empowered in the same way.

 “Robyn has been instrumental in supporting and developing me.  She gives me self-confidence, and freedom.  She and her staff have a positive impact on more people than anyone else in the MU through her contact with so many thousands of customers.”

 “Whatever an employee needs, they get.  She is a great negotiator and always works to get the best deal.”

 “Robyn does market survey and makes pricing decisions that serve students.”  It is not a philosophy of pricing based on what the market will bear, but on what is fair.  Robyn provides jobs for students, helps direct students to appropriate campus resources, and provides them with internship opportunities.  She takes care of people, and is open to new ideas.  And repeatedly throughout the interviews her staff told me she has fun and inspires others to have fun at work.

And finally:  “She is there, and she is there with energy.”


8th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 21, 2003