Our Perspectives 2002

In order to encourage an open dialogue with prospective and current employees of Oregon State University, this project was created to give an honest portrayal of the Student Affairs community. By evaluating the implementation of the Campus Compact, (the vision, values and commitments statement of the Division of Student Affairs) we are able to recognize the achievements of the Compact and assess progress towards the aspirations of our community. Through a better understanding of the cooperative spirit the Compact has helped foster within Student Affairs, those interested in joining our community can find what they could contribute to the enhancement of our university.

This project is comprised of a compilation of comments from 44 individuals solicited during the months of July and August 2002. Some of the statements reflect specific events and the campus atmosphere during the time when the statements were collected. However, the insightful contribution of those who gave their time to the project make it a useful resource for understanding the extent to which the Compact has and will hopefully continue to enhance the campus community.

Since its inception in 1996, the Student Affairs Campus Compact has shaped OSU through concrete changes in programming and decision-making processes. Many successes have been achieved in a short time, but it is critical to acknowledge that the Compact is an ambitious vision and goal. There is a great deal of diversity among units within Student Affairs - each lives the vision of the Compact in different ways and on different levels. Although all of the departments are working towards a collective goal, there is a broad range of perspectives regarding the means of achieving the outlined vision. The following collection of comments and perspectives reflect upon what has been achieved and what still needs attention in the dynamic environments of the different Student Affairs departments. Our hope is that these comments will encourage you to engage or continue striving for the aspirations described within the Campus Compact.

"I was really hesitant about moving this far from home. One of things that drew me here was the Compact, the fact that there was a family-like atmosphere about caring for one another and celebrating success."


"I was really excited about the Compact... based on what I heard and what I saw when I was here interviewing, people were actually walking their talk and doing what they said they were going to do."

-Cindy Empey, University Housing and Dining Services