Peggy Duncan - Student Affairs Service Award 2007-08

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Peggy Duncan
Housing & Dining Services


For 25 years the University has been blessed by the mostly behind-the-scenes work of this 2008 University Housing and Dining Services award recipient. The word most frequently used to describe her is caring. Other expressions of her wonderfulness include amazing, celebrative, dedicated, focused, intense, open, respectful, supportive, tenacious, and willing. From A to Z, PEGGY DUNCAN is a truly committed professional.

Peggy’s official title is Administrative Operations Coordinator. But she is far better known to colleagues as “Small Package, Big Punch,” and “The One Who Gets Things Done.” She deals with an enormous amount of information yet she doesn’t lose track of the smallest detail, especially the details that meet a student’s needs.  A large chunk of her work is coordinating room changes and space availability in residence halls and coops and management of student accounts, billing, and student information. She does a phenomenal job of serving students individually and through systems every day. Peggy  also goes out of her way to help other staff members and seeks ways to improve systems and processes. Her efforts to dismantle barriers between units in UHDS demonstrates her spirit of collaboration. She has a strong sense of what it means to take care of students and colleagues, and works diligently to do so.

Peggy is inspiring in her personal development pursuits: In addition to her work at Oregon State University, Peggy has also taken on the role of student. Then this past fall, despite fears of public speaking, she presented at a National Technology Conference as a member of the UHDS Tillikum Open Source Housing System development team. She has been actively involved with the UHDS Diversity Initiative and the UHDS Customer Service Initiative not only to help move forward improvement in quality of services, but to gain understanding of areas in which she may not have had much personal experience.

Peggy keeps in mind her greater purpose, even when working on specific, detailed tasks. It would be easy to get overwhelmed by the details, but Peggy is always considering the individual needs of each unique situation and meets tasks with energy and excellence.

All of this Peggy-wonderfulness is gift wrapped in contagious laughter that can be heard through the UHDS hallways, sometimes as far as two buildings away! A co-worker said her laughter reminds him that he can be productive in the office and still enjoy life. One colleague has even put forth the challenge, “I dare you not to laugh when she laughs!”


13th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 20, 2008