OSU Veteran’s Workgroup - Student Affairs Service Award 2009-10

Statement of Wonderfulness

in Celebration of

OSU Veteran’s Workgroup

The OSU Veterans Workgroup is being honored with the 2010 Division of Student Affairs Collaborative Group Award.
According to its purpose statement, "the Veteran's Workgroup identifies, coordinates and implements programs and services that assist Veterans and their families in making a successful transition, both academically and personally, into the OSU community." To those who supported this group for the Collaboration Award, the Veteran's Workgroup does significantly more.

With the drastic increase in the number student-parent-veterans at OSU, the Veterans Workgroup has proven to be an amazing resource to which staff can make referrals. The members of this body are the "action - make things happen" group. They take the action items from the Veterans Advisory Committee and follow-up on the ideas and initiatives and validate whether the idea should be put into effect. If the answer is "yes", the Veterans Workgroup finds a way to make it happen! The members of this group represent a cross-section of units and organizations throughout the OSU community.

They have done an incredible job advocating for student veterans, which includes raising the awareness of the special, and in many instances, unique needs of veterans to the faculty and staff. The group has been especially successful at educating our community members about the needs of returning combat veterans. They have helped consolidate the large number of resources available for veterans and their families into manageable, accessible mediums such as reference guides, fact sheets and websites.

Among the group's accomplishments are:
• They played a major role in supporting the acquisition of the Veterans Services Officer;
• Authoring a Student Veteran Fact Sheet and PPT slide presentation, which they are in the process of presenting to Faculty and Staff throughout the University;
• They meet with leadership groups across the University to help increase awareness of the needs of student veterans;
• They supported a now growing Veterans tutoring program through the Academic Success Center;
• They've also initiated a new program called "Faculty/Staff Connections" program-where veteran students can connect with veteran faculty/staff members on campus; and
• Increased connections between LBCC and OSU in meeting the needs of veterans participating in the Degree Partnership Program.

The words nominators used to describe the Veterans Workgroup are: Collaborative, caring, respectful, appreciative, positive, relationship building, supportive, inclusive and motivated. There is no doubt this is a group of doers, who have done a tremendous amount to elevate our service to student-veterans. For this we honor you with the 2010 Division of Student Affairs Collaborative Group Award.

15th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2010