Oregon State University

Current NUFP Scholars

Meleani Bates,
Mentor: Melissa Yamamoto

Jessica Casas
Mentor: Jeff Kenney

Olyvia Chac
Mentor: Christine Nguyen

Brenda Dao
Mentor: Janet Nishihara

Alexsandra Dos Reis
Mentor: Rob Reff

Anderson DuBoise
Mentor: Larry Roper

Sam Kelly-Quattrocchi
Mentor: Kris Winter

Kyla Krueger
Mentor: Eric Alexander

Carmen Lopez
Mentor: Tom Scheuermann

Jenesis Sami
Mentor: Kim McAloney

Magali Sanchez
Mentor: Jeff Kenney

Jeffrey Tsang
Mentor: Larry Roper

James Thomas
Mentor: Kim McAloney

Rylan Wall
Mentor: Kim McAloney

How to apply for the program

If you are interested in applying for the program, please contact Kim McAloney at Kim.McAloney@oregonstate.edu or stop at her office in the Office of the Dean of Student Life, A200 Kerr Administration. 

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