Current NUFP Scholars

If you are interested in becoming a NUFP Scholar at OSU, please contact Sophie Wilson at Sophie.Wilson@oregonstate.edu.

2014-2015 NUFP Scholars  

NUFP Scholar

Term and Year Entered NUFP

NUFP Mentor

NUFP Mentor Position

An Vuong


Jason Dorsette

Director Office of Diversity Development and Cultural Resource Centers

Andersen DuBois III


Larry Roper

Faculty, School of Language, Culture and Society

Anesat  Leon-Guerrero

Fall 2014

Claudia Ramirez Islas

Resident Director

Brenda Dao

Spring 2012

Janet Nishihara

Director Educational Opportunities Program

Carmen Lopez

Fall 2011

Tom Scheuerman

Faculty, College of Education

James Thomas IV


Kim McAloney

Academic Engagement Cultural Center Coordinator

Magali Sanchez

Winter 2014

Jeff Kenney

Director Intercultural Student Services: LGBT Services Office/Pride Center

Malik Ensley


Jesus Ramirez

Resident Director

Nayeli Ruiz


Clare Cady

Human Services Resource Center Coordinator

Nazario Rivera

Fall 2014

Teresita Alvarez-Cortez

Assistant Director, UHDS for Diversity Initiatives and Programs

Olyvia Chac

Summer 2014

Claudia Ramirez Islas

Resident Director

Phillip Rakowski


Clare Cady

Human Services Resource Center Coordinator

Past NUFP Scholars 

NASPA Western Regional Conference NUFP Group Photo 2014

Alexsandra Dos Reis
Mentor: Rob Reff

Jeffrey Tsang
Mentor: Larry Roper

Jenesis Sami
Mentor: Kim McAloney

Jessica Casas
Mentor: Jeff Kenney

Kyla Krueger
Mentor: Eric Alexander

Meleani Bates
Mentor: Melissa Yamamoto

Rylan Wall
Mentor: Kim McAloney

Sam Kelly-Quattrocchi
Mentor: Kris Winter