Oregon State University

Current Mentors

Eric Alexander
Director, Student Leadership & Involvement

Jeff Kenney
Coordinator, LGBT Services & Outreach

Christine Nguyen
Resident Director

Kim McAloney
Coordinator, Student Life Programs
Co-Coordinator, College Student Services Administration Program 

Janet Nishihara
Director, Educational Opportunities Program

Rob Reff
Coordinator, Substance Abuse Prevention

Larry Roper
Vice Provost of Student Affairs

Tom Scheuermann
Instructor, College of Education
Co-Coordinator, College Student Services Administration Program 

Kris Winter
Director, New Student Programs & Family Outreach
Director, Student Care

Melissa Yamamoto
Coordinator, Center for Leadership Development


If you are interested in becoming a NUFP mentor at OSU, please contact Kim McAloney at Kim.McAloney@oregonstate.edu or stop at her office in the Office of the Dean of Student Life, A200 Kerr Administration. 

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