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21st Annual NCBI Campus Conference


Reclaiming our Humanity:  Using NCBI Principles and Skills

to Address Challenges on Campus with Courage,

Commitment, and Integrity


Welcome from the OSU Campus Coalition Builders

We are looking forward to hosting the NCBI campus affiliate chapters at the 2013 Campus Conference this fall, on November 14-16. CCB was founded as a project of the Division of Student Affairs Diversity Initiative, became an NCBI campus affiliate chapter in 1999, and remains focused on and committed to building community through diversity, leadership, and service. More about CCB . . .


About Oregon State University & Corvallis

Oregon State University is a leading research university located in one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the nation. Situated 90 miles south of Portland, and an hour from the Cascade Mountains or the Pacific Coast, Corvallis is the perfect home base for exploring Oregon’s natural wonders. As a vibrant college town of 55,000 in the heart of Western Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Corvallis consistently ranks among the best and safest cities to live in the U.S., as well as among the most environmentally responsible.

Oregon State University has always been a place with a purpose — making a positive difference in quality of life, natural resources and economic prosperity in Oregon and beyond. Through discovery, innovation and application, we aremeeting challenges, solving problems and turning ideas into reality.

Founded in 1868, Oregon State is the state’s Land Grant university and is one of only two universities in the U.S. to have Sea Grant, Space Grant and Sun Grant designations. Oregon State is also the only university in Oregon to hold both the Carnegie Foundation's top designation for research institutions and its prestigious Community Engagement classification. More  . . .

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