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Campus Showcase


UAA NCBI Strategic Planning -- "Seawolf Style"

Building social inclusion and equity is our common goal, but, as we all know, it doesn't happen overnight; it takes planning and commitment.  In this presentation, we will show you how UAA NCBI's team, a cohesive unit,  strategically plans one year at a time, encouraging you to develop your own team's customized strategic plan. It’s an opportunity to plan for the next academic year.

Theresa Lyons, Kimberly Pace, Diane Taylor & Marva Watson, University of Alaska Anchorage, presenters


Designing and Assessing a Credit Course Using NCBI Principles

This showcase features two experiences:

1.  Humanities Troop - A partnership between the Theater Department and the Office where they lead discussion groups after performances on identity scenarios using NCBI principles as a guiding force for dialogue.

2.  A freshman 3-credit hour General Education course that brings together students to engage in positive conversations around issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice. Conversations and assignments are connected to readings, written reflections, films, and other interactive programs that develop cultural competency and critical thinking skills while integrating the National Coalition Building Institute principles.

Dr. Emily Monago, presenter


Campus Partnerships: An Invitation to Innovation

Over the past year, the University of Iowa team has been focused on developing collaborative partnerships with departments around campus. Through those partnerships, we’ve had successes in infusing NCBI into curricula and initiatives in creative ways. This session will focus on highlights from three of those partnerships: a year-long multicultural student leadership summit, our new career leadership course, and the School of Social Work curriculum focus team.

Lindsay Jarrett & Jefri Palermo, presenters


Beyond the Workshop: Strategies for Using the NCBI Skills with Courage and Commitment

The Fresno State Team has become a resource at California State University, Fresno on issues related to diversity and inclusion as well as inter-group and interpersonal conflict. This session will showcase programming the team has developed which provide opportunities for individuals who have attended the one-day workshop to look even deeper inward as they develop skills to reduce prejudice and methods for being allies to other groups. Additionally, strategies will be highlighted that use NCBI skills and principles to help resolve conflicts and provide opportunities for individuals to give voice to feelings regarding controversial issues on the campus, in the community and in the news.

Emogene Carson & Francine Oputa, California State University, Fresno


Plenary Sessions


Reclaiming our Humanity through Healing Work

This session will incorporate healing work skill sets into all team meetings to strengthen NCBI's overall impact. Participants will learn more about the specific theory underlying NCBI healing work skills (why we do it, and how to do it), and practice specific skills to take back home and replicate healing work in your team.

Cherie Brown, presenter.


Using NCBI Principles to Cultivate Relationships Based in Integrity

This session addresses the question of how to build teams that take principled stands, and that fight for each other and the work. In our process we will get to use a number of tools to uncover challenges that arise when we are attempting to bring about organizational and personal change in a system often reticent, if not opposed to it.

Renay Scales, presenter.


Contradicting Systems of Oppression through Principled Leadership

In 2007 the Provost and the Vice President for Student Affairs agreed to support a campus-wide Leadership for Diversity Initiative. The effort led by Gail Wells, the former Director of Student Life, and Kevin Railey, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, re-invigorated Buffalo State's relationship with the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI). The leadership team of the re-organized SUNY Buffalo State Coalition Building Team was purposely designed to contradict the power structures that perpetuate inequality and exclusion as they exist in higher education. The forces of racism, sexism and elitism of class created challenges that tested the commitment we made to leading outside of oppression and to our desire to lead with integrity. This presentation will describe the development of the Coalition Building Team, the internal and external threats to our partnership, the barriers that manifested as we attempted to remain loyal to our beliefs, and the successes we enjoyed as we worked to create an authentic relationship that was built on trust, mutual respect and a deep rooted understanding of NCBI principles.

Gail Wells and Kevin Railey, SUNY Buffalo State College, presenters.


Leadership Clinic


When Incidents on Campus and in the World Break Our Hearts

Learn how to utilize NCBI healing work skill set to galvanize your team to deal with painful incidents that may occur between team members and the entire campus community.

Cherie Brown, presenter.


Challenges to Leadership:  the “What Ifs" That Become the “What the Hecks” While You are Leading Workshops!

This clinic will provide the opportunity to go further than the examples used at a Train-the-Trainer, by using real occurrences for participants. We will collect strategies that keep us outside of attacking our participants, and in line with the co-joined principles of generosity and [the whole] group counts.

Renay Scales, presenter.